Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3555: Enter 007 - Tom Hiddleston will be the Next James Bond - Body Language Tells (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

During his recent guest appearance on The Graham Norton Show, Tom Hiddleston's behavior - particularly his nonverbal displays - revealed that he's in the final running for the next version of James Bond.

The first two images below display Mr. Hiddleston's body language while fielding questions to his role as another spy in "The Night Manager". The remaining three images are in reference to James Bond. What follows is a partial nonverbal analysis.

0:31  -  False Sock Adjust (with his right hand) along with Blushing, a Sincere Smile and Suppressed Laughter

This cluster of nonverbal behavior is highly consistent with anxiety and in this context, deception as well.  

0:34  -  Social Fear Face (Partial Fear Mouth)

Neck of Fear
(his left)

Hissing Inhalation

He's choosing his words very carefully (although his body language betray his true thought-emotions).

1:11  -  False Tie Adjust

This MAP Surrogate, is but one example of an Alpha Up-regulator (often seen when a person in an anxiety state is trying to "dial-up" their alpha behavior).

1:43 - 1:46, With his ankles crossed (low emotional comfort) and fingers intertwined (additional lower confidence - a variety of a seated fig leaf), Hiddleston also is crossing and uncrossing his thumbs - all betraying the anxiety, low confidence and protective emotional tone of deception.

1:52 - 1:53, Hiddleston shows an aborted mouth covering along with arm blocking (via a unilateral, partial self-hugging) in addition to blushing and sincere smiling with suppressed laughter and continued ankle crossing. This cluster of nonverbal, displayed upon the suggesting of a yodeling James Bond, is particularly telling.

Despite being an accomplished actor, when he's just being himself, Tom Hiddleston can't suppress his anxiety and low emotional comfort. This body language tells us that along with additional episodes of The Night Manager, Mr. Hiddleston is in negotiations for the role of James Bond - despite his verbal denial (did you catch his stuttering and the other paralanguage tells?).

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