Friday, May 20, 2016

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3564: Kanye West, Ellen and Beta Body Language (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Kanye West was recently on The Ellen Show. He's a person who many consider an alpha male personality - yet from body language perspective the artist/producer exhibits some classic beta body language. What follows is a partial nonverbal analysis.

Ellen DeGeneres: "Now are you done, or will you have more children? Do you want more children?"

Kanye West: "Maybe."

Ellen: "Does Kim want more children?"

Kanye: "Perhaps."

Ellen: "That's not [smile, head torque to her left, laughing] .... that's not what she said."


Fingers intertwined - a variety of Blocking Behavior transmitting Defensiveness and Low Emotional Comfort (think of this as a High Fig Leaf).

During 1:16 as Ellen says, "Now are you done, or will you ..."

A small edit has taken place by Ellen's studio, however this moment 2 seconds later, shows West with his hands configured in a Seated Fig Leaf (aka Seated Genital Guarding).

This cluster (above) signals further defensiveness and even lower emotional comfort.


This image shows a different angle - but a cluster very similar to that of 1:16 as West says, "Perhaps" - as he begins to widen and narrow his knees-legs (like a child that has to use the bathroom) - indicating higher anxiety.


West's acquires a "Knock Kneed" position (while maintaining a seated fig leaf) in a highly beta body language reaction as Ellen says, "That's not ..... that's not what she said."

This is an absolute give away, that Kanye West is beta to Kim Kardashian's alpha status - and in this moment he's got an even lower confidence and lower emotional comfort status than a few seconds earlier - and that at least for now, there will be no more children.  We see this example in the context of a talk show and popular culture -  and it's entertaining to some, but this same nonverbal (and many others) goes unseen or glossed-over all day long in the business world.

Kanye is Beta - but he's pretending to be Alpha.

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