Friday, May 27, 2016

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3572: Bernie Sanders on Jimmy Kimmel - regarding Donald Trump Debate - Body Language (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

The night after he had Donald Trump on his show, Jimmy Kimmel followed it up with Bernie Sanders. And while in the last several hours it does appear that Trump may have pulled out of challenge to debate Bernie - Senator Sanders' appearance also contains some excellent nonverbal examples.

The video begins with Jimmy Kimmel saying, "I feel like we're, we had a very awkward handshake, I feel like we should do it over again, because ... yeah, okay, there we go, alright ..."

Their initial fumbled handshake wasn't included in this video, yet Kimmel did exactly what one should do when a such a scenario occurs. I recommend saying something similar to, "Hey, I messed up that handshake - would you mind if we do that over?" Handshakes are dramatically disproportionately important moments, particularly if it's the very first meeting and great care should be taken to verbalize any missteps and get these greetings correct.

Another important aspect of this image is the fact that Bernie Sanders turns his whole body toward his host and maintains this configuration after their do-over handshake and continues this position into their conversation. It's amazing the high percentage of otherwise very experienced professionals who don't point their entire body toward the other person - and hold eye contact for 4-5 seconds while they're shaking hands (as of course, they absolutely should).

The above scenario is a bit unorthodox - since both men are on TV in a talk show setting. Presumably their initial handshake occurred with them both standing up. Always keep in mind that shaking hands while sitting conveys significantly less respect.

Beginning at 0:17, Senator Sanders says, "You made it possible for us to have a very interesting debate."

During 0:24, just after he says the word, "... debate...", Bernie pulls in his lower lip. This is known as "Lower Lip Anticipation" or a "Lower Lip Retraction". It's similar to the "Tongue in Cheek" display - in that it signals an emotional tone of "I Just Won" or "I Gotcha". These strong feelings of excitation-anticipation are indicative how Bernie Sanders feels he will perform in a debate with Donald Trump.

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