Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3547: Kate Middleton on Cover of Vogue's 100th Anniversary Issue - Body Language (PHOTOS)

Rarely is there a public figure who projects a sincere smile as often as Kate Middleton. Sure, people can put forth a fair or even a good social smile - but a social smile is no way the equivalent of a sincere one. And the difference is not just on the face - for it reflects the real emotional state of one's psyche.

A sincere (aka Duchenne) smile has the following components:

1. Partially closed eyelids
2. Furrows in the lower eyelids - these are concave-up and dynamic
3. Corners of the mouth directed significantly upwards (not laterally)
4. Upward vectored Cheek muscles
5. Only upper teeth visible (some exceptions, see below)
6. Relaxed, non-contracted forehead muscles

A smile is never sincere unless the eyelids are partially closed - this is an absolute. This characteristic eyelid closure is seen conjunction with the evanescent, concave-up furrows in the lower eyelids and the upward directed cheeks and mouth corners. Yet both plastic surgeons and Photoshoppers will routinely attempt to smooth out this lower lid crease (But such a change is artificial! Don't do it!). Sometimes - with a downward directed head tilt or visual angle (as is seen a bit here), the lower teeth can be seen during a sincere smile (This may also occur during the crescendo into or decrescendo from sincere laughter. That is, with sincere laughter the lower teeth ARE often visible). The vast majority of the time however, when lower teeth are visible - the smile is NOT one of true Joy-Happiness.

There is absolutely nothing in human experience which will ever take the place of sincerity. The Duchess of Cambridge displays a sincere smile a very high percentage of the time (along with other sincerity tells). It is one reason (and I would argue the primary one) why people truly like her - and often ever feel as if they know her.

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