Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3576: Marco Rubio's Endorsement of Donald Trump - Body Language (PHOTOS)

Marco Rubio recently gave his endorsement of Donald Trump for President. This surprised a lot of pundits (and the public) given the volume of bad blood between the two candidates in the last 12 months.

The expression on the Florida Senator's face in the image above is one that we should hope to not see too often in any leader.

This is a particularly good nonverbal image - for the angle affords allows an excellent view of the clenching of his jaw muscles (masseter muscles), the crinkling of his chin, the jutting forward of his jaw ("Jaw Jut"), the tightening of his "Mustache Area", the flaring of his nostrils (given the mustache area tension, we can infer that his left nostril is also flared) - AND the "Inward Lip Roll" (ILR).

This cluster is highly characteristic of a Suppression of Anger - both in the psyche's attempt at stifling inward growth of this emotion, as well as trying to not let it crescendo outwardly - on the face.

Take Home Point: Senator Marco Rubio does NOT want to endorse Trump (there have many nonverbal, verbal and paralanguage indications of this over the past months) but he is doing so out of duty to the Republican Party (and, of course, his strong dislike for Hillary Clinton). Whenever the body language and the verbal language are in disagreement (showing emotional and cognitive dissonance) - it's the body language which is telling the truth.

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