Sunday, May 8, 2016

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3552: Hillary Clinton, Body Language and variations on the Pistol Steeple (PHOTO)

In this image of Hillary Clinton, we see a variation of what is known as the "Pistol Steeple". The pistol steeple is formed when the two index fingers (forefingers) are held with the flexing surfaces together and extended - and with the remaining digits together and flexed (and usually interlocked as we see here).

The pistol steeple is an alpha nonverbal and depending upon the other nonverbal signals with which it is clustered, it's often a hyper-alpha sign. It is called the pistol steeple because the person displaying it is metaphorically "shooting down" another person, group or their ideas, proposals or opinions. Thus it fits under the broader category of body language signals of critical evaluation.

Further evaluation of this moment shows Secretary Clinton's face turned away from the person with whom she's listening and/or speakingWe don't look directly at people we don't like, don't respect, don't agree with or don't believe. The former Senator of New York's eyelids are also partially closed displaying a mild tension of her lower lids - as well as of her mid-face.

It's crucial to point out here, as with all nonverbal behavior, very often a person's words may be relatively or very agreeable. Yet when their body language is in conflict with their verbal language - it's the body language which always tells the truth (but of course you must know what to look for).

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