Thursday, August 28, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2933: Will Hayden ("Sons of Guns") Arrested - Body Language of His Mug Shot (PHOTO)

William Hayden, the star of Discovery Channel's "Sons of Guns" was arrested on Tuesday 26 August 2014. He has been charged with aggravated rape of a 12 year-old girl. Hayden is being held on a $250,000 bond. Earlier this month (9 August) he was arrested and charged with child molestation and crimes against nature and later released on $150,000 bail. These allegations are sickening beyond words.

The body language displayed in Hayden's "mug shot" (above) is significant in several ways. Although the camera angle is oblique and directed upwards, he is exhibiting mild facial asymmetry consistent with contempt. This particular angle makes his left nostril seem more dilated than it is - and thus makes a complete nonverbal evaluation somewhat difficult. Yet his left nostril is still more flared than his right side. This detail is betrayed by the slight elevation of his left upper lip along with a subtle upward contraction of his left cheek (and an asymmetrical eyelid closure) as well as a relatively greater deepening on his left of the furrow running from just above the nostril to lateral to the corner of the mouth (nasolabial fold). This cluster of findings results in a mild "snarl" appearance and indicates the emotion of contempt.

Another finding of particular note is the partial bilateral closure of his eyelids (slight more on his left). This is notable because of the tightening of his lower eyelids (along with the lack of lower eyelid, concave-up furrows). It's a contempt amplifier and also is an important nonverbal signal which accompanies anger.

His eyebrows are also lowered - further indicating the emotion of anger.

The absence of the lateral portion of each eyebrow suggests the possibility of hypothyroidism (very easy to medically test for), Trichotillomania (of which he has no other physical signs but is possible) - or the deliberate removal of this portion of his eyebrows (either by shaving or laser). Some people (primarily men) have been known to remove the outer eyebrows in an effort to deliberately give a more angry and ominous appearance.

We all occasionally feel and thus display emotions contempt and disgust. Yet those who chronically show nonverbal signs of these emotions have a significantly higher tendency towards violence. Thus the recognition of these and other body language signs are extremely valuable in the prevention of sexual assault and as well as overall threat assessment tools. Do not ignore them.

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