Sunday, August 31, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Quiz-Analysis No. 2936: Tony Stewart's addresses Kevin Ward's Death - Sincere vs. Insincere (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Tony Stewart recently gave a press conference of sorts to address the Death of Kevin Ward Jr. This was not a traditional apology - although he did verbally express himself in several ways which would be similar to what one would say in the context of an apology. And although he did speak certain words which we would expect in such a scenario - we must always ask ourselves, is he sincere?

In order for a high sincerity quotient to be present, a person's words, vocal qualities (paralanguage) and body language must all be congruent. If any one of these three crucial components is disparate - then in that moment - insincerity is present.

What specific nonverbal signals in the context of a verbal apology (or similar) indicates sincerity? Does Tony Stewart display any of these?

From a nonverbal viewpoint, on a scale of one to ten, what is the level of Tony Stewart's sincerity?

Does the fact that Mr. Stewart is reading from a script influence your assessment of his sincerity? What else should you consider when a statement is being read from a prepared script?

What specific body language/facial expressions are consistent with empathy? Does Mr. Stewart show any of these during his statement?

On a scale of one to ten, what is the level of Tony Stewart's empathy?

What is the primary emotion being expressed at this moment (at 2:24 in video)?

After you assign an emotion to this moment, then watch it in context as it appears in the above video.

What is the empathy level during this moment? What is his sincerity quotient here? This image was captured during the 0:44 mark. Go back and listen to the video in context.

Is Tony Stewart's nonverbal expression congruent with what you would expect given the context of his verbal expression?

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