Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2932: Fred Couch ("Affluenza" Father) Arrested and a Body Language Signal of .... (VIDEO, PHOTO)

Fred Couch, infamous for being the father of Ethan Couch, was arrested recently for allegedly impersonating a police officer. Ethan Couch's attorney used the legal defense of "Affluenza" when, driving while intoxicated, the 16 year-old killed four people and seriously injuring two others in a motor vehicle accident near Dallas, Texas on 15 June 2013.

Although up for over a year, the video initially included in this post has since been removed from the local Dallas TV station. However below, an image captured from that video of Fred Couch is seen opening the door for his ex-wife, Tonya Couch. The manner in which he does this however is of particular nonverbal noteworthiness. Mr. Couch opens the door with his arm & hand held very high with the intention of his ex-wife walking beneath them. When we look at this body language or any similar scenario in isolation - it's important to note that he had elevated anxiety (as anyone would who was in court), and thus what normally would have been opening a door in a traditional manner (standing behind the door as it is opened), becomes awkward simply because it's an after-thought. Every man has occasionally committed this faux pas. In addition, parents are used to doing this for their children. However, with these exceptions aside, when this particular body language is seen chronically or a fairly large percentage of the time, it is highly consistent with narcissistic personality disorder.

The image here is doubled due to the moment of capture occurs as the editing was fading to another scene.

We can't make the judgment of narcissism here because we have a sample size of only one.

What other nonverbal signals do you see in this video?

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