Friday, August 1, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2904: Roger Goodell's Defending the NFL's Punishment for Ray Rice - Bad Crisis Management & Body Language Tells (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

In this video, Roger Goodell, the NFL commissioner makes a statement and answers some questions from reporters defending his very mild punishment handed down to Ray Rice. Mr. Rice stands accused of assaulting his fiancee (and now wife), Janay Palmer.

Although he has apologized and for his actions, Ray Rice, a running back for the Baltimore Ravens, has yet to be convinced.

In this video, you will note the virtually constant contraction of Goodell’s central forehead (thus called a “Central Forehead Contraction” or CFC). The central forehead contraction, when co-existing with a congruent mouth expression, is seen when there is physical pain or emotional pain – either for oneself by direct experience or for another person, group of people (or animal[s]) - secondarily via empathy.

The overuse of the CFC is seen routinely in those who are insincere (e.g., such as bad actors, most newscasters, pundits, many politicians, etc.) and who are trying to convince others of their “sincerity”. They are trying too hard – but they are acting (and very poorly).

If a person is apologizing - during those moments of remorse and empathy for those who have been wronged – the central forehead does indeed contract (this can even be seen in all but the most heavily Botox-treated foreheads – if one knows what to look for). Again – the simultaneous mouth configuration must be congruent with if sincerity is truly present. Yet the CFC is almost never present constantly during an apology.

Note Ray Rice’s apology yesterday (Nonverbal Communication Quiz-Analysis No. 2902: How Sincere was Ray Rice's Apology?). Rice never displays a CFC during the video. During 1:00 - 1:00 his left and central forehead and left eyebrow become elevated (indicating doubt/incredulity). And Mr. Rice also has extended periods when his eyebrows are drawn together and downward – but not his central forehead. When a CFC is present – there is an elevation (not a downward vectoring) of the central forehead and central eyebrows.

Mr. Goodell’s forehead is contracted nearly the entire time he is making this statement. Goodell does NOT believe what he, himself is saying. He is trying too hard to convince us.

In summary, when a person has constant or nearly constant contraction of the central forehead – always consider the following:

1. Extreme grief (for themselves or others via empathy) – must have a consistent mouth expression
2. Considerable pain (for themselves or others via empathy) – must have a consistent mouth expression
3. Bad Acting
4. Insincerity (Same as No. 3, simply in another context)
5. Deception

What other emotional states/psychological conditions are consistent with an extended-display CFC?

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