Friday, May 10, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2393:
Cleveland Kidnapper Ariel Castro's daughter Angie Gregg -
Body Language of Sincere Emotional Pain & Empathy
(Video) (Photos)

Throughout this entire interview Angie Gregg, the daughter of Cleveland Kidnapper Ariel Castro, exhibits a central forehead contraction (CFC). For the duration her mouth displayed either a neutral mouth or one of sadness. When the central forehead is contracted without a mouth smile (even a subtle one, e.g. partial or social smile) the person exhibiting it is most probably feeling physical or emotional pain - either being directly experienced or secondarily via empathy for another person(s) or other living thing(s). In such cases the mouth almost always takes on morphology consistent with pain, fear, sadness or combinations thereof. Here Ms. Gregg is in tremendous emotional pain - for herself, her family and Michelle Knight, Georgina "Gina" DeJesus and Amanda Berry - as well as Berry's daughter, who were kidnapped, beaten, chained, sexually assaulted and held captive for nine to eleven years.

Ms. Gregg nonverbal signals demonstrate that she is going through a tremendous amount of sincere, direct and indirect emotional pain. 

Whenever you see another person's central forehead contracted (with the sides of the forehead relaxed) in the absence of even a subtle smile (very important), ask yourself the following questions: Is there physical pain being experienced? Is there emotional pain of any type here (emotional or direct)? If the answer to either of these questions is yes - then the nonverbals are in context, congruent and expected. However, if the answer is a confident no, then they are probably trying to project false empathy. Such a body language-facial expression is a very common manifestation of insincerity. And if a CFC is seen in the presence of even a subtle smile - it signals insincerity, incredulity, arrogance or worse. Red flag time - stay away. If a CFC is seen chronically (and it is usually seen with a subtle smile) there is a high likelihood of narcissistic personality disorder or sociopathic behavior. 

What are some other body language signals of sincerity? Insincerity?

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