Thursday, May 2, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2385:
Hillary Clinton & Henry Kissinger at
Atlantic Council's Leadership Awards
Her Body Language Betrays Anxiety at a Key Moment

At the Atlantic Council Leadership Awards yesterday Henry Kissinger spoke prior to Hillary Clinton. Kissinger said, “At least four secretaries of state became president.” as well as, “I want to tell Hillary that when she misses the office, when she looks at the histories of secretaries of state, there might be hope for a fulfilling life afterwards." He went on it what seems to many a very sincere recommendation for her possible (probable) U.S. Presidential bid in 2016, "I think of Hillary with admiration and affection . . .When I call Mrs. Clinton ‘Hillary,’ I do that not so much to indicate familiarity but to use a name that the whole world uses. It shows to what extent she has succeeded in her people-to-people work."

In the above video, at the 0:32 mark, Mrs. Clinton says, "...When I became Secretary of State, I spent a lot of time thinking about, ah, my illustrious predecessors, and not primarily the ones who went on to become President, um ... about the extraordinary generation of those leaders who were not just present at the creation, but leading the creation ..."

During the 0:40 - 0:44 segment as the former First Lady says, "...and not primarily the ones who went on to become President, um ...", she displays a false adjustment both microphones. They don't need adjusting and she really doesn't move them but a few millimeters. This nonverbal is a form of a MAP (Manipulator, Adaptor, Pacifier) - a self-touching surrogate which betrays her heightened anxiety regarding the subject of the office of Presidency.

What other telling body language is displayed in this video?

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