Thursday, May 23, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2406:
Tight Lipped Breathing -
Anticipatory Anxiety & Winning a Million Dollars

Jamie Bone, a mother of two, wife and real estate agent - recently learned that she won $1,000,000 in the Powerball Lottery. The video above - which captures the moment she found out definitively, is packed full of body language. One nonverbal in particular is fairly unusual to capture. During the 0:17 - 0:19 segment, note how Ms. Bone, brings her lips together to create a small opening an breaths shallow and rapidly. This variety of "Tight Lipped Breathing" is very commonly seen just prior to, and in anticipation of significant and consequential event. The situation may be negative or positive in nature - and the outcome for those whom are expressing this tell - is unpredictable from their point of view

Tight lipped breathing (TLB), as noted above, is characterized by increased respiration rate - which is usually composed of shallow breaths. It also is consistent with an increase in heart rate, blood pressure and adrenaline. The "Puffer Fish" which to the untrained eye looks somewhat similar to TLB - is also seen before, or more commonly after a stressful event - and is associated with a decreased blood pressure, respiration and heart rate. The puffer fish takes place during exhalation (although it may occur over several cycles of respiration) and has a calming effect - in contrast to the Tight Lipped Breathing nonverbal which increases anxiety.

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