Sunday, May 5, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2388:
Nigel Evans' M.P. Body Language Indicates High Sincerity -
He is Innocent
(Video) (Pictures)

Nigel Evans, a senior Conservative Member of Parliament, was questioned at length by the police on Saturday on the allegations of rape and sexual assault of two men. He made a statement outside his home in Pendleton, Lancashire County, which is included in the above video. Evans said in part, “... The complaints are completely false and I cannot understand why they have been made, especially as I have continued to socialize with one as recently as last week ..."

Mr. Evans' body language displays a high sincerity quotient. More specifically, there are no nonverbal signals that would indicate deception. He is innocent of these allegations.

He does display facial brief signals of contempt. Did you see these signs? How would you define contempt?

If a person were lying, would you recognize the nonverbal signals?  How skilled are you at differentiating a truth from a lie?

In the photo below (0:51 in the video above), Mr. Evans' displays a facial configuration that many of us would make if we were falsely accused and still trying to be professional. His upper lip is extremely thinned and stretched horizontally - indicating anger. In addition this "bitter smile" exemplified here, is perhaps one of the best examples of just how unaware we all are of our own facial expressions and emotional proprioception - particularly when we're emotional. We all make this expression - and in real time we believe we are making a slight mouth smile. However, his "smile" (bitter smile) is concave-down. This bitterness-anger is normal and expected in this context.

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