Monday, May 13, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2396:
Ariel Castro Caught on Dash-Cam in a Traffic Stop in 2008 -
Body Language of Self-Disgust, Anxiety &
Emotional Dissonance
(Video) (Photos)

Above is an excerpt of a video from a police officer's dash-cam taken when Ariel Castro was pulled over in June of 2008. Below are some interesting nonverbal tells.

Here Ariel Castro shuffles sideways towards the police officer. He doesn't want to face the officer. Castro wants to get out of there, but he can't. His feet (and his psyche) are in emotional dissonance.

This is particularly suspicious.

In this image, Castro's hands are in fingers forward (thumbs backwards) arms akimbo configuration. This is most often an alpha nonverbal, however when the head & neck are flexed forward, it is either a body language signal of fatigue (e.g. Used by athletes at end of sporting events) or as it is in this example - indicative of self-disgust.

Castro is very much scolding himself here.

Here Ariel Castro's arms are in a variation of the "Fig Leaf" formation - indicating a beta, demure, low confidence emotional tone. And while in other contexts it shows respect (e.g. funerals, ceremonies, religious events, etc.) here the grabbing of his wrist indicates a particularly heightened fear to his anxiety (as opposed to the more typical loose hand-in-hand display).

An unusual place to groom oneself, while at a gas pump, in public, at a gas pump and waiting on a police officer with a possible arrest (with three women and a little girl locked up in his house), this out-of-context self-preening is strongly consistent with heightened anxiety.

Mr. Castro shows us additional anxiety with more grooming/self-preening with a pulling up of his pants and a front & back shirt adjust in this image.

What other body language tells do you see in this interview?

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