Saturday, April 6, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2357:
Why is this Image so Sexy?
Body Language of "Hide & Seek"

In this posed picture a beautiful woman is looking at "us" through the mane of a horse sculpture. Most people will find this to be a particularly sexy image. And while she is certainly attractive to begin with, several nonverbals increase her appeal. In particular, this partial view of her face somewhat emulates the peek-a-boo games we all played as children. This same behavior is ubiquitously carried over into teenage years and adulthood and is a routine component in the process of flirtation and romance. A slight shift in positioning by either party will "cover" her eyes - only to be "uncovered" once more with another small adjustment. A similar effect is also achieved with the brim of a hat, via hair hanging down in front of one or both eyes, etc.

During such flirtations, care should be taken not to look too long, where it becomes a stare. As long as eye contact is made and held for a second or two, then is broken and re-established for another brief moment the message usually gets through. During the second eye contact it is also very helpful to display a smile - either sincere one or a good "social smile". 

Additional mysteriousness and thus allure is added in this photo because a good share of this beauty's face is covered by sculpture or by shadow. It is natural to want to know what we cannot see. This spurs our curiosity and her attractiveness.