Thursday, April 4, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2355:
Adam Lanza's College ID and the
Body Language of Eyes Chronically Wide Open

This recently released school identification photo of Adam Lanza has been called "eerie". And although some may choose a different adjective, many people would agree with this characterization of the killer's nonverbal appearance. This Western Connecticut State University I.D. was taken when the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooter was 16 years old. There are certainly medical conditions which cause the eyelids to be opened extra wide for long periods of time. A common example includes a complication of hyperthyroidism. Some brain lesions can also do so. Cranio-facial boney abnormalities may also give rise to similar appearances. Yet when this body language-facial expression is seen chronically and medical causes are excluded, psychological diagnoses should be strongly considered. Asperger's syndrome (which it is reported that Lanza had been diagnosed) or any the other forms of autism spectrum disorder do not give rise to this appearance. Moreover, autism spectrum disorders are not associated with an increase of violent behavior. Yet this expression and its ramifications go vastly unrecognized.

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