Sunday, April 7, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2358:
Rutgers University President Robert Barchi on
Tim Pernetti Resignation & Mike Rice Firing -
Body Language of Regret

The above video is a clip from a press conference which took place on Friday 5 April 2013 wherein Rutgers University President Robert Barchi spoke about the resignation of the school's athletic director, Tim Pernetti. This was in regards to the recently much publicized scandal with Rutgers Mens Basketball Coach Mike Rice and his physical and verbal abuse of his players.

At multiple times during this video, Mr. Barchi demonstrates nonverbal displays of the emotion of regret in the form of a bitter, thin-lipped pseudosmile. They are difficult to see and recognize due to his downward head/neck tilt. Such an emotion is certainly within the context for what is expected - both a personal and a professional embarrassment for the University President.

The emotion of regret - as displayed in this video - does not alone indicate whether Barchi feels he shares any direct personal responsibility for what has been placed on Tim Pernetti's shoulders. Are there any nonverbals present here which indicate Barchi feels that he is partially responsible for not firing Mike Rice earlier or does he believe he is not at fault? Does his body language here demonstrate innocence? If you were guiding attorneys in the voir dire process, would you advise them to pick Robert Barchi on your jury?

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