Friday, April 5, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2356:
Michelle Obama's "as a Busy Single Mother" comment -
What her Body Language Tells Us

This morning during an interview in Burlington, Vermont, Michelle Obama said, “Believe me, as a busy single mother – or I shouldn’t say single – as a busy mother, sometimes when you’ve got a husband who is president it can feel a little single. But he’s there.”

At the precise moment she said, "...single...", the first lady's mouth took on significant asymmetry (0:15 mark in the above video, imaged below). There are rare people who speak essentially constantly with their mouths' configured to one side, and this is their "norm" - but Michele Obama is not one of them. Contempt, regret and the facial expression of R2E2 can also have asymmetrical nonverbal mouth components, and while all three of these emotions are also exemplified elsewhere in this video, they have additional facial expression components which are not present in this moment.

When the mouth takes on a momentary asymmetrical shape - one light which should go off in your mind is the emotion of insincerity. Everyone knows that Mrs. Obama is not single. She of course is married to the most powerful man on the planet with a myriad of resources at her disposal which "single mothers" will never know. Thus here we have an indisputable fact illustrating the reliability of this nonverbal sincerity vs. insincerity litmus test.

This is but one of many body language insincerity tells - how many get by you every single day?

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