Monday, April 1, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2352:
Mila Kunis' Tongue in Cheek
Graham Norton Part II

Mila Kunis' Body Language on Graham Norton - the sequel:

After using this same video yesterday, I couldn't resist a re-visit once again for it is just loaded with great examples. At the 1:05 mark, while making James Franco squirm in his chair somewhere (for she was filling in for him at the eleventh hour), Ms. Kunis demonstrates a great example of a "Tongue-in-Cheek". This nonverbal can have different meanings depending on the other body language signs with which it is clustered. Here it indicates, "I gotcha", "you were caught" or "I just won" (directed at Franco in his absence). It has a component of self-righteousness and smugness as well.

Depending on the other nonverbals with which it is clustered, the tongue-in-cheek can have other meanings (none of which are present in this example) include: an alpha dominant display, anger, sexuality (which tends to involve the tongue in a more forward direction, a slower movement and with tongue visible), telling a lie, or even to sooth oneself in times of sadness and grief.

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