Thursday, April 18, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2372:
Boston Marathon Bombing Suspects -
A Common Pre-Crime Body Language Pattern

Today the FBI released video (above) and images (below; for more & higher resolutions photos please visit the FBI site) of the suspects in the Boston Marathon Bombings. As is displayed here, a common nonverbal pattern often seen just prior to the committing of a crime is walking in single file. If these two suspects pictured here are indeed perpetrators, this could of course be an attempt at deliberate disassociation. However there is an additional strong subconscious ideology which contributes to this body language pattern - as it is seen across many crime scenarios. It is particularly common in moments prior to robberies when the soon-to-be criminals walk in a store in a rapid, single file manner rather than the semi-shoulder to shoulder configuration or some close similar approximation which friends routinely adopt. Keep this in mind when assessing for threats. A few seconds could save your life.

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