Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2162:
Disparity in Body Language - What is He Thinking-Feeling?
Mitt Romney after Third Presidential Debate

The "Thumbs Up" gesture is an example of what is known in body language vernacular as an "Emblem". An emblem is a nonverbal display, most commonly made with the fingers, hands and /or arms (but they can be displayed with the parts of the face, shoulders, even legs/feet, etc.) which have very specific meanings within a city, region, country or even an industry/profession. Care must be taken not to misinterpret an emblem - for they can indicate completely thoughts & emotions in different cultures, etc. Some emblems have meanings which are universal or nearly so.

The "Thumbs Up" emblem - indicates "optimism", "good luck", "good performance" or "okay" in North America - while in parts of Europe it can simply mean "one". When given with an upward thrust it means "up yours!" in Australia and when given with a forward thrust it has a similar meaning in Greece. In Japan it can mean "five" or "Man" (Pease).

The vast majority of the time, the thumbs up is a very conscious display - particularly when shown in a typical position for that region/country and emotion. However if we look at the face we often may see conflicting nonverbal signals. In the image above, in addition to the obvious thumb display (consciously), Mitt Romney is also showing a classic facial nonverbal of disgust (unconsciously) after his third Presidential debate with Barack Obama. When two or more body language signals are seen simultaneously and there is conflict in their meanings - the one(s) which arise out of the subconscious are indicative of the true emotional tone.

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