Thursday, October 18, 2012

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2154:
Zumba and Body Language in Kennebunk, Maine -
Courtroom Dynamics

This is Alexis Wright, a Zumba instructor from Kennebunk, Maine who is alleged to have also been conducting prostitution out of her fitness studio. In this image taken in court on last week, Ms. Wright displays subtle nonverbal signals of contempt-disgust. These two emotions are closely related and it's impossible to tell which predominates without a more anterior (frontal) view.

Most everyone can detect extreme levels of emotions, yet it is incredible at the high percentage of otherwise successful and socially skilled people whom have great difficulty accurately identifying moderate - let alone subtle examples of emotional states. Mastering these crucial body language skills will place you at a dramatic advantage over others - in the courtroom, the board room or in your personal life.

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