Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2151:
Las Vegas Channel 8 KLAS Interview -
Body Language in Tonight's Debate -
Evaluation of earlier Debates

Had the pleasure of reviewing the first 2012 Presidential Debate as well as the Vice Presidential Debate yesterday at Las Vegas KLAS Channel 8 with Brian Brennan (above video). We spoke at length regarding how Mitt Romney's Body Language had improved and how President Obama's lackluster verbal performance in the first debate was congruent with his weak nonverbal signals of that October 3rd event. This segment aired late this afternoon - just prior to tonight's second debate.

There were some great (and many different) body language variations in tonight's debate (video below). A town hall format makes Obama's and Romney's nonverbal displays even more important than with the first debate (with the speakers behind lecterns). Stay tuned - more on tonight's second 2012 Presidential debate to come.

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