Thursday, October 11, 2012

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2142:
Mitt Romney's face wipe by stranger -
Preening as a signal of Affection

This video highlights Joseph Melluso, the owner of "The Tin Fish" restaurant in Port St. Lucie, Florida, wiping republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney's face multiple times. No doubt because he was the owner of the building, he felt a "temporary supervisorial" or "shepherding-like role" for this man who may be the U.S. President in less than a month - and this contributed to this nonverbal behavior. However, when one preens another - particularly in such a public scenario - this is also a body language signal consistent with feelings of affection. This is not to suggest that the two have any relationship or aspire to - but wiping, cleaning, picking at the remnants of a napkin/lint (seen during 1:01 - 1:03, 1:10 - 1:12, 1:15), straightening a tie, or smoothing out wrinkles in clothing, etc. - all examples of preening behavior - are signals of affection. It is common to have affection/false affection and similar feelings for those who we see images in the media. Note how Mitt pulls away and reflexively pats Melluso's arm during 0:21 - 0:22. This same patting action, performed at the end (and sometimes at the beginning or throughout) of a hug, lets the other person know that it's time for the hug to end. Joe Melluso obviously likes the candidate and will, of course, be voting for him. 

Jeanne Moos mentions that the secret service officer didn't raise an eyebrow - however his right eyebrow is certainly raised in a nonverbal signal of incredulity/disbelief at 1:48. 

Should you witness versions of such body language preening behavior at the office (or anywhere else) - even with significantly subtler examples, it's a strong signal that the emotion of affection is being felt.

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