Saturday, October 15, 2011

Negotiation Secret # 555:
How Facial Expressions Correlate with Palm Position

These two photos of Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi are fantastic examples of how the orientation of our palms are very strongly correlated with our facial expressions. Palms down, in general, should be avoided. Most of the time, the majority of audience members (even with an audience of one!) will feel patronized and that the speaker is arrogant. Alpha personalities who go too extreme will conspicuously over-use the palms down signal. Notice how Berlusconi's face matches this - he is displaying smug/contempt. If you're a teacher, professor or trainer - the learning/retention will also be significantly reduced (B. & A. Pease).

When palms are pointed up, the face again matches. There is a very strong tendency towards a more beta personality with a softer/reconciliation/asking/kinder face. The examples shown here are very demonstrative and typical of everyday people and situations. Watch carefully for these hand-face correlations in your personal life and at work. It will allow you to read between the lines and inside their minds with great accuracy and tremendous benefit.

Berlusconi faces ongoing charges of corruption, bribery and paying and underage girl (Karima El Mahroug) for sex (See Negotiating Secret #89: Opposite Facing Arms Akimbo).