Friday, October 7, 2011

Negotiation Secret # 602: Honesty in Testimonies

We tend to not trust someone the less we can see of them. If they hide body parts when they are asked questions, this should set off alarms in our internal lie detectors. This is accurate for several body parts and particularly true of the hands. Here, Dr. Richelle Cooper is testifying in Dr. Conrad Murray's trial regarding the death of Michael Jackson. Her hands are visible, and with her palms up gesturing, this adds even more to her honest persona - but she has to bring them up fairly high for this to occur. It is possible that their view is even obstructed to some jury members. It would be a great idea for witnesses to testify with a plexiglass top table, or something similar, so that all those in court could see them in near entirety and see their Body Language displayed upon questioning. The same would be apply in depositions as well as voir dire. This would certainly add to the justice process. Those who bear false witness would be much more easily sussed out.