Sunday, October 30, 2011

Negotiation Secret # 315:
Jaw Jut - Heightened Potential for Violence

The Man on the right side of this photo (with the white handkerchief on his neck) is exhibiting a classic signal of anger: a Jaw Jut - where the jaw is extended out further than it otherwise would protrude. The amount of jutting tends to be proportional with the anger and can be a predictor of violence. Sometimes the lower teeth may extend out further than the upper ones. Jaw jutting tends to more common just prior and during offensive violence, rather than a defensive physical act. If seen, chances of an assault, battery or other physical violence are significantly heightened. This very often, but not always coexists with clenched teeth. Everyone can spot these signals here because it's an extreme example captured in a still image - for us to scrutinize at our leisure. But in the everyday, anger is often less extreme and the body language is more fleeting. Subterfuge often follows. How many times have you missed this nonverbal signal today?