Sunday, June 3, 2018

Body Language Analysis No. 4298: LeBron James Walks Out of Post Game Press Conference after Game One Loss - Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence

The Cleveland Cavaliers lost the first game of the 2018 NBA finals to the Golden State Warriors 124 - 114 in overtime on Thursday night. It was a phenomenal game marred by several controversies at the end. Perhaps the most unusual of these involved Cleveland's J.R. Smith. With 4.7 seconds to go in regulation, Cleveland's George Hill missed his second free throw which would have given the Cavs a one-point lead. Cleveland's J.R. Smith grabbed the offensive rebound quite close to the basket with 4.0 seconds left - only to take the ball out to midcourt - then passing it to Hill with less than a second left. Hill took an off-balanced three (or long two) point shot with 0.1 left on the clock, but it was blocked. Most feel that J.R. Smith's actions probably cost Cleveland the game.

What follows is a partial nonverbal analysis of LeBron James' response to questions regarding J.R. Smith at the post-game press conference.

This image was captured at 0:51 in the above video, just after ESPN's Mark Schwartz asked Lebron, "Do you know if he [J.R. Smith] knew the score?"

Notice that LeBron's upper eyelids are partially closed as he rolls his eyes. An eye roll is a conscious or edge-of-consciousness display of:

• Contempt


• Impatient Dismissal

As LeBron turns away to leave, his upper eyelids entirely close for a few seconds. Such prolonged eyelid closure (or partial closure) is a form of psychological blocking behavior - further amplifying his dismissal of and contempt for Schwartz.

A second after Schwartz says, "Thank you", James' raises his right forehead and eyebrow in a moment of incredulity (notice that his center and left forehead are relaxed).

As he's walking out of the press conference, LeBron James points at David Schwartz and says, "Be better tomorrow".  In almost every context, Index finger (forefinger) pointing is highly offensive and patronizing across all cultures.

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