Friday, June 15, 2018

Body Language Analysis No. 4306: Donald Trump, a North Korean General, and a Salute - Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

North Korea released a video on Thursday from the Singapore Summit earlier this week. It shows President Trump returning a salute from one of Kim's generals. Trump's action shocked many people - including Kim Jong-un.

From a nonverbal perspective, it's crucial to note that Donald Trump did not initiate the salute - but responded to the General's salute (an example of social mirroring) after the General missed Trump's cue to shake hands. Upon receiving the salute from Trump, the general then re-initiated a handshake.

The image above - a screen grab from 0:06 obscures Trump's face - but not Kim's.

A closer evaluation of the North Korean leader in this same instant shows a slack-jawed Kim Jong-un. His full facial expression projects an emotion of momentary shock. For a second, he can't believe what he's seeing.

Did you notice that the North Korean General did not look at Trump's face during his salute - but looked down? He did, however, make eye contact thereafter.

Kim recovers quickly from his shock - and when Trump and the general shake hands, Kim smiles - with a mild component of laughter.

However, a closer evaluation of Kim Jong-un reveals his "smile" is asymmetrical - exposing a good bit more teeth (specifically his right, lower teeth). In this context, his particular evanescent mouth asymmetry indicates Kim's:

• Hubris
• Bravado

While of lower resolution and not captured here from an optimal angle, Donald Trump's facial expression in this same second clearly shows his:

• Central Forehead Contracted and Elevated
• Partial Mouth "Smile" (and Insincere Smile)

This is one nonverbal cluster we never want with high frequency - for although we all display it once in a while - those who use it often have a high correlation with Antisocial Personality Disorder (colloquially referred to as Sociopathy/a Sociopath).

Taken isolation this elevated CFC + partial mouth smile expression indicates one of the following feelings:

• Arrogance
• Contempt
• Sarcastic Disbelief

We all feel these thought-emotions on occasion (hopefully not too often) - and all three may be manifested via other facial expressions. But this is NEVER an expression we should ever want to see when someone is shaking our hand.

Summary: Kim Jong-un was momentarily shocked when he saw Donald Trump saluting a North Korean general. Kim then showed bravado/hubris.

President Trump's expression was insincere while shaking the foreign subordinate's hand. More specifically, Trump projected emotions of arrogance, contempt, and/or sarcastic disbelief.

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