Friday, June 29, 2018

Body Language Analysis No. 4312: South Korea Defeats Germany at The World Cup - Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence (PHOTOS)

On Wednesday South Korea defeated Germany 2-0 at the World Cup. The German national team was not only the defending champions, but this loss also resulted in their elimination in the first round - which hasn't happened in 80 years. In the image above Mario Gomez (23) and Mats Hummels (5) are seen just after the match.

When confronted with defeat or when witnessing an emotionally disturbing event, we will frequently quickly move our hands to the top/sides of our heads. This nonverbal tell is commonly displayed by the losing athletes in sporting competitions when the other team scores - or near the end of an unsuccessful game/match/race.

This second photo, taken from a different angle a few seconds after the first image - shows Gomez and Hummels- along with another teammate, Joshua Kimmich (18).

This rapid hands-to-head behavior is partially is a symptom of emotional processing. For while the intellectual mind may know what has happened/is happening - the emotional mind has yet to fully to come to terms with the events - and the ramifications.

Soldiers in the act of surrendering/prisoners of war (as well as individuals upon police arrest) will very often display identical nonverbal behavior. Once captive, of course, they have no choice - they are forced. Obviously, this posture of surrender lessens the chances of physical retaliation and escape - but quite strongly, this body language also engenders beta emotions of psychological and physical weakness.

SUMMARY: The hands-to-head configuration is a sign of emotional processing in the face of witnessing or hearing a dramatic emotional event. It also makes a defeated person feel more even more beta, vulnerable, and hopeless. It's a form of negative nonverbal biofeedback. Thus, from a sports psychology perspective, this is one nonverbal behavior which we should never allow ourselves the luxury of displaying on the pitch, field, diamond, rink, or track.

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