Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Body Language Analysis No. 4279: Rudy Giuliani regarding President Trump's alleged Sexual Relationship with Stormy Daniels - Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

On Sunday 6 May 2018, Rudy Giuliani (one of President Trump's personal attorneys) appeared on This Week with George Stephanopoulos. The former NYC mayor displayed a plethora of nonverbal tells. What follows a partial nonverbal analysis focusing on one key passage of the interview.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS (continuing at 0:56): So the President does deny any sexual relationship with Stormy Daniels?

RUDY GIULIANI: He has, ah, I have not - ah, I'm notta, as I said, I'm not involved in that, but the reality is he denies - she denied it, then at, when, when it was opportunistic right before the - election, she came forward - and then of course, the whole thing happened with - Michael Cohen, an-, and, a it's history now because it wasn't a campaign anything ah, that - 

The image immediately above was captured during the 1:00 mark as Rudy Giuliani said, "... has, ah ..."

From 1:15 - 1:16, as Mr. Giuliani "... history now because it wasn't a campaign ...", although somewhat less in magnitude (vs. the first example), he repeated the same eyes wide opened display.

The significance of widely opened upper eyelids - when occurring:

• Out-of-context
• Frequently

... can't be over-emphasized.

This Out-of-Context, Eyes Wide Open display simply screams that the person is trying too hard to convince you. Why? Because they don't believe it. Because they're lying. It's a profound and classic signal of insincerity. Indeed, if you were a directing an actor who was playing a deceptive scene/role - this is one nonverbal signal you'd want them to adopt.

SUMMARY: Rudy Giuliani's nonverbal behavior in this interview indicates that he believes Donald Trump did have a sexual relationship with Stormy Daniels.

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