Thursday, May 10, 2018

Body Language Analysis No. 4280: David Beckham, Princess Leia, and Embarrassment - Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

This episode of The Graham Norton Show was filmed just before Carrie Fisher passed away. It's hilarious - while also providing an excellent set of nonverbal teaching examples.

This image captured at 0:29 demonstrates that David Beckham not only had foreknowledge of Graham Norton disclosing something for which he anticipates embarrassment - but he recognizes the need for him to Dial-Up his Alpha. Such false adjustment/straining of one's jacket (one of many preening behaviors) is a signal of the need for Alpha-Upregulation.

During 0:36 - 0:37, Beckham scratches his left anterior temple region - at the lateral aspect of his left eye. This is a classic anxiety tell - and more specifically, it also projects the athlete's feelings that he does not believe he is/was the "Sexiest Man Alive."

Intriguingly, a few seconds later (0:42 - 0:44), Graham Norton mirrors Beckham's behavior - as well as his belief.

Beckham blushes multiple times during this interview (here captured during 1:04). Individuals who blush easier tend to have considerably higher sincerity quotients compared with those who rarely blush.

Easy-blushers are also easier to "read" even when they're not blushing.

After John Boyega denies being aware that he was featured in the same magazine as Beckham, we see him display a Loose Tongue Jut (1:25). This nonverbal signal projects the thought-emotions of "I've been caught", "I've been bad", "I've just done something stupid" (Navarro). More specifically, in this context, his Loose Tongue Jut tells betrays his lie.

After Norton asks, "How many times a day?" (1:53 - 1:55) - both Beckham and Fisher close their eyes (more emotional processing) while simultaneously blushing (Beckham more so). Carrie Fisher's act of looking away along with her partial facial covering - are additional signals of emotional processing (e.g., "I know what he just said, but give me a few moments for my feelings to catch up with my intellect").

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