Sunday, December 24, 2017

Body Language Analysis No. 4158: Michelle Williams regarding Kevin Spacey - "All the Money in the World" - Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Kevin Spacey was the actor cast as J. Paul Getty in the just released film, All the Money in the World. Yet after multiple allegations of sexual assault were brought forth against Spacey, his character was replaced with actor Christopher Plummer - and the necessary scenes were re-filmed.

What follows is a partial nonverbal analysis of Michelle Williams (who plays Gail Harris, the primary protagonist) - and her feelings regarding Spacey within interview in the above video.

JOURNALIST (beginning at 1:11): Were you friends with Kevin Spacey, I mean - were you surprised by these accusations, revelations?

MICHELLE WILLIAMS: I- we had very little interaction Ω

As she says, "... interaction", and for about 2 seconds afterward (1:16 - 1:18), Ms. Williams scratches her nose with her right thumb. You'll also note that her forehead is contracted, her eyebrows are elevated, and her upper eyelids are opened slightly wider. Moreover, Michelle Williams sounded like a politician, because she did not answer the questions regarding any friendship with Kevin Spacey or whether she was surprised at the accusations.

This indirect verbal denial (a non-denial denial), coupled with her cluster of nonverbal behavior - particular the nose scratch timed as it was - is highly indicative of deception.

Now go back a few seconds, during 1:11 - 1:12, as the journalist asks his question. Michelle Williams is bouncing (extending and flexing) her legs. This is significant as a general signal of anxiety.

But look closer - where are Michelle's hands? They are beneath her left thigh. In this context, this strongly transmits emotions of a hesitancy to discuss and/or hesitancy to disclose. In the vast majority of her camera time shown here, her hands are in this same position - (except when she scratches her nose, and then only with her right hand - and it goes immediately back beneath her thigh).

Beginning at 3:34, Michelle Williams says, "I had felt like, 'here we go again', like it's all about - it's all about the - abuser - and that's the tyranny of abuse, that it's all about them, and we're all living in the aftermath of their actions."

As she says, "... tyranny of abuse, that it's ...", Michelle Williams displays a snarl-like configuration (during 3:43 - 3:44, characterized by the contraction and elevation of her right mid-face) - which is an excellent example of a classic Contempt display.

Summary: Michelle Williams is a very accomplished actor. She's been nominated for Oscars as best actress (Blue Valentine) and best-supporting actress (Brokeback Mountain). Yet, when Michelle is not in character (and is allowed a retake, or two) - when she's just being Michelle - she is no better at lying than most people. Ms. Williams was either friends with Spacey (prior to the accusations) and/or she was surprised by the allegations against him. But what is not surprising, is that Michelle Williams now has significant contempt for Kevin Spacey.

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