Saturday, May 19, 2018

Body Language Analysis No. 4287: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle - Why Do We Kiss with Our Eyes' Closed (most of the time) - Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence (PHOTOS)

You may be surprise to know that a healthy person's sensory input is 90% visual. The remaining 10% is essentially "shared" by the other four senses - touch, taste, hearing, and smell. Moreover - 40% of the mass of the human brain is dedicated to vision.

When we close our eyes, a momentary slight re-adjustment of neurologic activity and blood flow occurs - with a bit less in the visual areas of the brain - and a little more in the other regions. This subtle blood flow dynamic brings with it a significant relative shift in oxygen, nutrients, and further increased neurological activity to the remaining 60% of the brain. It follows then, that the other four senses experience an up-regulation of sensitivity. Think about this phenomenon for a moment. We close our eyes when we taste chocolate cake - when we smell a flower - when we are straining to listen to a faint sound. And when in dim light - our tactile sensitivity immediately increase.

But not only do these other four senses become more perceptive - our cognitive focus also increases - and our emotions become more intense.

When sincere affection is present, the vast majority of the time, when we kiss or hug another person (or even when we kiss or hug an animal) - we close our eyes.

SUMMARY: Closing our eyes temporarily amplifies our other senses, our cognition - and in the case of a kiss or hug, our feelings. This facilitates us to more fully drink-in every ounce of emotion - and be entirely in the moment. Thus, closing one's eyes in these scenarios facilitates a natural form of positive biofeedback.

Congratulations to Meghan and Harry - may you have many years of joy, health, and love.

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