Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3857: Taunting a Snowplow Driver - Belleville, Ontario - Body Language and Emotional Intelligence (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Although the back story of this incident was not known at the time of this post, it's an outstanding example of facial changes indicative of crescendoing anger. 

In the image immediately above, note the configuration of the snowplow driver's lips. Although they're not fully visible, we can see that they're thinned and stretched. This horizontal configuration is highly characteristic of anger.

His nostrils are also flaring - which indicates increased respiration, blood pressure and heart rate - all secondary to elevated adrenaline which accompanies anger.

Notice too, the left side of his jaw  - we can see that it's clenching.

With lower to moderate levels of anger, the eyelids partially close - with considerable tension of the lower eyelids. This is well exemplified in this moment.

In this second image, his lips stretch even thinner - almost disappearing - indicative of growing anger. His jaw is thrust forward - known as a "Jaw Jut" - and is virtually always present just before a punch, slap or other act requiring physical strength.

His jaw clenching has also noticeably increased.

The nostril flaring has amplified.

Notice also that his eyelids - particularly his left eye - has opened wider. With high levels of anger (aka "rage") - the eyelids - which were instant earlier, partially closed, are now opening wider.

In this last image, the man's anger is growing even greater - and he is initiating a violent physical act - a strike/slap/hit at his provoker.

His jaw is jutting even further forward as evidenced by the gap opening up between his lips.

In addition, his eyelids are opened even further (still greater on his left) - a classic signal of his anger and an elevated adrenaline state.

Take Home Point: Whenever you see a jaw jut - especially with a clenched fist and/or eyes open widely - protect yourself immediately. Oh, and don't hassle snowplow drivers...

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