Sunday, February 26, 2017

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3861: Emma Stone, The Oscars and Sincerity - Body Language and Emotional Intelligence (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

At the time of this writing, the 2017 Academy Awards have already begun. It's an hour or so before we know if Emma Stone will win an Oscar for "Best Actress in a Leading Role" for her portrayal of Mia Dolan in the film La La Land.

During this recent interview with Lee Cowan, Ms. Stone displays several excellent body language signals.

In the image above, Emma is reunited with a childhood mentor, Bobb Cooper of the Valley Youth Theater in Phoenix. Notice that during their hug, although Ms. Stone is not much shorter than Mr. Cooper, when she hugs him, she elevates up on her toes - with both feet - for an extended period of time. Although, of course, such toe elevation during a hug is not at all required for a sincerity to be present - we can be sure that when it is performed bilaterally (that is, with both feet) and for an extended time, it indeed is a signal that high sincerity and true affection are being experienced (and projected).

In this next image, Ms. Stone and Mr. Cowan are fairly closely mirroring each other. We cannot see most of Cowan's hands - but we can see much of Emma's. She is displaying a good example of an "Alpha-Beta Hybrid". As the categorical name implies, these are a class of nonverbal behaviors which are not too alpha - not too beta, but somewhere intermediate. To slice it even thinner, this particular alpha-beta hybrid is a bit closer to the alpha end of the scale (but certainly not "Hyper-Alpha).

Much of the time when the hands are positioned in the pockets - it does project a beta and sometimes submissive/low confidence emotional tone. Depending on the dynamics, the coexisting verbal cues and the other nonverbal signals with which it may be clustered - hands in the pockets can even be a signal for deception. Yet these examples don't apply to Stone in this scenario - for only her fingers on her right hand (and slightly more on her left) are in her pockets. Moreover, these are her front pockets - allowing a more assertive variation of an "Arms Akimbo" configuration. Her elbows, which are protruding laterally - but not excessively so, is an alpha quality.

Notice too, each of Emma's thumbs are hooked in her belt loops. This is a stronger alpha component adding to this body language cluster, and indeed contains a significant element of sexuality (not for her interviewer, rather that she is "on camera", being herself - rather than a character. This feeling of being "on display", given the right setting and situation, can make a person feel confident and sexy.

This last image is on the set of Saturday Night Live (which Stone has hosted on three occasions). Her "Thumbs Forward Arms Akimbo" is another example of an Alpha-Beta Hybrid body language display. When the thumbs are positioned forward (and thus the palms are directed up), it projects a confident, open-minded and supportive emotional tone. Depending on the other nonverbal signals present, there may also be an inquisitive component present too.

Good Luck Emma Stone!

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