Monday, February 13, 2017

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3848: Donald Trump Hosts Justin Trudeau - Body Language and Emotional Intelligence (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

There have been many handshakes analyzed in the last couple of weeks - yet they are all different, with notable nuances and much to be gleaned. Today the American President hosted his Canadian counterpart. And when Justin Trudeau arrived at the White House, he turned the tables.

In this first image, as he momentarily exits the White House, President Donald Trump is adjusting his shirt cuff. This is an example of what is termed a "False Cuff Adjust". It's one of many nonverbal displays signaling a need for an "Alpha Up-Regulation" (or more colloquially referred to as, "Dialing Up One's Alpha").

When the psyche recognizes the need to "step up to the plate" - this is one of many body language maneuvers we perform to mentally-emotionally get us in a more advantageous place. Although there are many varies, this particular alpha up-regulator is much more common with the male gender. Intriguingly, men who grew up in wealth tend to fiddle with their shirt cuffs, while those raised with lesser financial means tend to falsely adjust their watches. These displays are analogs of the same emotional tone.

If you want to see many examples of this behavior in a short period of time, just chaperone a high school dance - and watch the young men trying to stoke their courage.

In this next moment as the men shake hands, Justin Trudeau grips just below Donald Trump's right shoulder - while Trump grips the top of Trudeau's. Although both of these maneuvers are alpha components of their greeting, Trump's is more so. Yet this is not the whole story...

Notice Prime Minister Trudeau's jaw - it is jutting forward (more prominently above). This is a sign of momentary increased adrenaline - and that the Canadian is exerting considerable physical effort with his grip strength.

A moment later, their torsos' separate and we see that it is PM Trudeau who is pulling Trump's arm towards his lower chest. What we are witnessing here, is a sort of arm-wrestling between World leaders.

Also very notable is the morphology of their hand grip. Both hands are cupped - without (or with minimal) palm contact. This configuration is seen during attempts of greater grip strength (which is of course transpiring) - but also when one or both people really are not very enthusiastic about touching the other (yet they have to). This is very much akin to when a person leans into an undesired hug, but with only the upper torsos' touching punctuated with a brief pat on the other person's back.

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