Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3763: Matt Smith, Claire Foy and Where NOT to be stung by a Wasp - Body Language, Emotional Intelligence and Predicting Empathy (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

As usual, drinking milk (or anything) while watching The Graham Norton's Show is definitely NOT recommended (lest it exit through your nose). This episode with David Attenborough, Claire Foy and Matt Smith was no exception.

Graham Norton asked Matt Smith to tell of his encounter with a certain wasp. Smith then told his story of how he was stung on his "nackers" whilst in the midst of sex.

The image below (from 2:39 in the video) was taken during the one of the multiple comedic climaxes. Note that Ms. Foy has both hands on her face - and Mr. Smith, with his hands covering his face, is in a somewhat similar position. While there is certainly a significant component of embarrassment present in this moment (e.g., both are blushing - and Smith's eye contact has momentarily dropped to zero) - this is also another profoundly important nonverbal predictor of future (and past) behavior conveyed here.

When recalling, witnessing, hearing, etc., a story with a significant emotional component (here pain, embarrassment and humor) - those individuals who cover their faces (usually with hands however sometimes with the arm, a hat, etc.) have both higher empathy quotients as well as higher sincerity quotients. Thus this behavior does not only tell us about real-time emotions - but it's also an accurate predictor of these overall personality traits.

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