Saturday, November 5, 2016

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3745: Kris Bryant Smiles Throughout the Entire Last Play of Game Seven - Body Language and Emotional Intelligence (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

In the early morning hours Thursday, Kris Bryant fielded Michael Martinez's grounder and then threw him out. This play gave the Chicago Cubs their first World Series Championship since 1908. Their victory over the Cleveland Indians transcended sports - and, for the last two days our decades and hearts have melted together...

From a nonverbal perspective, given the level of adrenaline present - both from context of the moment and also for professional sports in general - it's quite unusual to see such a high-caliber athlete sincerely smiling (aka Duchenne Smile) in real time - during an entire play in which he/she is directly participating. This is a classic example of what some people term, "mixing hormones".

Although the resolution is less than optimal, once we slice this play a bit thinner - we can see his smile is somewhat suppressed.

But not for long ....

After Martinez is out the play is finally completed and, Bryant expresses much more than a "just" a smile. What we see here is an expression of "Fiero".

"Fiero" is a term used to describe an emotion which does not have an English-language translation (this relative lack of English emotional descriptor nuance is unfortunately much more common than one may guess). The word was coined by Isabella Poggi (and Italian Psychologist) and describes the intense feelings of triumph when a problem is solved or great accomplishment is made. Fiero is an emotion which is very commonly seen in sports, however it occurs in all forms of human endeavor.

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