Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3772: Mitt Romney Meets with Donald Trump - Body Language and Emotional Intelligence (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Mitt Romney dined with Donald Trump and RNC Chairman Reince Priebus last night at a restaurant in Manhattan. Afterward, Governor Romney gave a short statement to the press which is included in the above video.

Notice Mr. Romney's tendency to speak out of the right side of his mouth many times during this entire interview. Whenever you see this particular nonverbal speech pattern over a prolonged period - you should immediately think of the following more probable causes:

1. Medical Condition - Such as injury, birth deformity, stroke, facial palsy or other similar condition.

2. A Smile - More typically an insincere smile, although a sincere smile may be asymmetrical, particularly while beginning or if being suppressed.

3. A small minority of individuals have a life-long pattern of continually speaking in an asymmetrical fashion regardless of the scenario (Habit/Tic-like Behavior/Idiosyncrasy).

4. Acquiescence/Resignation/Regret - this is extremely common and nearly as commonly it's not interpreted accurately.

5. Contempt or Anger - People can display contempt or anger (usually somewhat suppressed) over the lengthy exchanges.

6. Swagger/Machismo - This etiology is somewhat more common with men. It's also seen with those individuals who are comfortable asserting their (relative) alpha status, talent, power, etc., over others. It's a signal of high confidence and tends to be more common in celebrities, athletes and others whose professions' requires dominant and highly competitive emotional tones.

7. Deception/Insincerity - This is the most common cause on this list, and almost never understood when it's displayed.

To differentiate between all of these causes, one must carefully observe all the other nonverbal signals (as well as paralanguage) occurring simultaneously (or nearly so). Taking this into account, what is the associated etiology of Gov. Romney's asymmetrical speaking? (Hint: it's not the first four.)

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