Sunday, November 27, 2016

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3768: Cuban Leader Fidel Castro Dies - Body Language and Emotional Intelligence (PHOTOS)

Fidel Castro (Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz) died yesterday. Mr. Castro was a Cuban revolutionary leader and politician (a Marxist–Leninist and Cuban nationalist) who governed the Republic of Cuba - first as Prime Minister (1959 to 1976) and then as President (1976 to 2008).

Each of the two images included here show a very common nonverbal signal known as "The Double-L". It is one of many which characterizes the thought-emotion of "Critical Evaluation". The Double-L is named so because of the two simultaneous right angles (or relatively so) made between the thumb and the forefinger (index finger) - and another similar angle between the forefinger and the middle finger (although this configuration is not fully visible here in either photo).

In the image above, notice also Fidel is not looking directly at the person to whom he's speaking. His head is turned so that his eyes have to also turn in order to fixate on his subject. We often don't turn our heads (or bodies) directly toward a person we don't like, don't trust (believe) or don't respect. This cluster of body language behaviors (Head-Turn, Eye-Turn, Double-L) are all congruent and thus amplify each other.

Very often when the Double-L is used, there's a disparity between what is being said aloud - vs. the person's true thoughts and feelings. Thus it's helpful to think of this particular critical evaluation signal as saying, "I'm not buying what you're selling, but I'm not going to say so (or I might say it in an indirect manner)".

The image below is a study in contrast - as well as one of deception. Note that Castro is in the midst of blowing a kiss with his right hand - yet with his left hand he's configured in a Double-L. The act of blowing a kiss is a very conscious and affectionate (or feigned-affectionate) act, while the Double-L is nearly always subconscious (and signals negative emotions). Whenever there's such conscious-subconscious nonverbal disagreement - it's the subconscious body language which always telegraphs the true thought-feelings.

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