Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3557: How Megyn Kelly really feels regarding Bill O'Reilly - Body Language and Emotional Intelligence (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Megyn Kelly was a guest on CBS This Morning earlier today promoting her new book, Settle For More.

From a body language perspective, Ms. Kelly shows us a particularly valuable tell just after Bill O'Reilly's name was mentioned.

Beginning at 6:46, Gayle King asks: "... I'm wondering what your relationship was like with your fellow colleagues, 'cause Bill O'Reilly was here yesterday - I don't know if you heard - and your name came up about the book - and this is what he had to say yesterday ..."

From 6:53 - 6:57 (and probably earlier, however the camera was turned toward Ms. King), The Fox News anchor/journalist displays a subtle to moderate level of disgust. This is not a microexpression - for it's longer in duration, yet many people would completely miss this nonverbal signal.

6:53 - Ms. Kelly's mid-face grows tight - particularly her upper lip and the area between her upper lip and her nose. Her nostrils are also flaring.

6:54 - Although it's still brief, this is prolonged by blinking standards. Prolonged blinking duration - or outright eyelid closure - is a disgust amplifier (as well for other emotions [Do you know which other ones?] It's not required - yet boosts the level of disgust).

6:55 - Here Megyn Kelly's disgust is decrescendoing - yet still visible. 

Conclusion: Megyn Kelly feels disgust toward Bill O'Reilly

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