Sunday, November 20, 2016

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3761: Mitt Romney meets with Donald Trump - Body Language and Emotional Intelligence (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

The President-Elect met with former Presidential Candidate and Gov. Mitt Romney Saturday at Donald Trump's golf retreat in Bedminster, New Jersey. Trump has said that he is considering Mr. Romney for the position of US Secretary of State.  Given the recent bitter history between the two men, this statement surprised pundits and citizens alike .

The image above (from 0:12 in the video) was taken at the conclusion of their meeting as Gov. Romney was departing. Note the position of each man's feet. Trump's feet are pointed straight ahead, rotated 90 degrees away from Romney - and while Romney's feet are not pointed directly at the President-elect, they are rotated much more in his direction. Romney's feet, legs and hips are also much more in alignment (although he is mildly rotated). Trump's hips are rotated mildly relative to his feet - but his torso is considerably rotated. We "whole-body point" - and particularly point our feet at those people they respect and/or like.

Trump's right hand is pulling Romney's right hand and arm close to his lower torso - into his intimate space. Moreover, Trump's touching/gripping of Romney's right shoulder is a dominance display of power - as well as an example of feigned intimacy (feigned friendship). President Elect Trump should not shake hands in this manner as it is alienating, patronizing and intimidating (and thus rapport destroying).

Despite this second image taken from a fairly out-of-focus camera (during 0:16), we can also see that Gov. Romney is displaying either contempt (if primary involving the left side of his face) - or disgust (if both sides of his face were involved). He is also feeling some bitterness and regret.

Summary: Body Language analysis of Donald Trump's and Mitt Romney's brief on-camera interaction yesterday demonstrates that Trump does not respect Romney and will not pick him for his Secretary of State. Governor Romney also has disgust (or contempt) for President Elect Trump.

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