Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3521: Woman Mistakes Kevin Hart For Chris Rock - Body Language (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Kevin Hart commonly gets mistaken for fellow comedian Chris Rock. In this recent viral video, Hart gives yet another evidence of this - along with some significant body language tells.

Of course, Mr. Hart is a very skilled and experience comedian in his own right - however despite what he says, e.g., "These r the moments that I love. She really thinks that I'm 'Chris Rock' " - "love" is absolutely not what Hart is feeling.

Their dialog:

Hart: "Yeah, say it. What did you say again?"

Woman: "Are you Chris Rock?"

Hart: "Ahhh, yes. Yes I am." [microexpression of anger just after this]

Woman: "Okay."

Hart: "Yes I am. Thank you. Pleasure to meet you."

Woman: "You too."

Hart: "Make sure you come to my show tonight." [microexpression of contempt at the beginning of the word 'show']

Woman: "Yes."

Hart: "Okay. Alright. It's called 'Rock the World' ".

Kevin Hart displays a subtle but always significant Microexpression of anger just after he says, "Ahhh, yes. Yes I am."

This can be seen in this image (during 0:03) with a tightening of his "mustache area" as well as a "jaw jut" (Hart does NOT have an under-bite) as well as some thinning of his lips.


During 0:06, as the comedian says, "Make sure you come to my show tonight." - we see a clear display of a microexpression of contempt during the beginning of the word "show". Watch carefully the movements of left side of Hart's nose, lower cheek, mustache area and upper lip.

Please view this video at regular speed and in slow motion several times to pick up the dynamics and subtleties of these facial signals.

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