Sunday, April 10, 2016

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3525: Kristen Bell Slaps a Reporter On "The Boss" Red Carpet (This was a PR Stunt) - Body Language (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Yesterday Kristen Bell slapped a reporter, Kevin Donnelly, from "The Fix". This occurred on the red carpet for premier of her new film, The Boss. When you watch this video, there should be several body language tells which should make you suspect this was staged.

Most of these clues are committed by the actor playing the alleged reporter Kevin Donnelly. Ms. Bell did a pretty good job acting here (but not perfect). One of her nonverbal acting mistakes is discussed below.

During the 0:15 as the actor playing Kevin Donnelly fake-falls over a barrier, Kristen Bell spins around in what is a less than well acted surprise feign.

A close up of the above moment reveals several signs of insincerity in this Bell's act of surprise.

Although her eyelids are opened wider than base-line, they do not match her mouth opening. If this surprise was real, Kristen's eyelids would be opened more widely.

In addition, although Bell's mouth takes on a relatively vertically-oriented oval - during sincere surprise, when the mouth is opened this widely we would see not teeth.

With significant sincere surprise, teeth are not visible (not even a little bit - with the exceptions of extreme camera/visual angle or dentition abnormalities). In this charade, although it's of poor resolution, the lower aspect of her two top front incisors (maxillary central incisors) can be seen here.

Sincere surprise also has the characteristic of tighter lips. Her lips are loose and relatively uncontracted - despite a relatively widely opened mouth. This nonverbal signal is very telling and if it was the only signal, it alone would reveal this as a faked moment. Of course, clustered together with earlier observations of the edges of her two teeth exposed and her less than full eyelid opening lets us know the truth of Kristen Bell's PR stunt wrapped in a promotion.

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