Sunday, April 3, 2016

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3518: Donald Trump's Feminine and Beta Body Language (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Donald Trump has several nonverbal signals which are distinctly beta (and feminine). One of these in particular is discussed below. This body language tell is much more common in women and gay men - but when it's displayed by straight men, it projects an unsure, beta emotional tone.

In this image (captured from the above video during 2:16 - when he was trying to formulate his response to Chris Matthews' question of, "... Do you believe in punishment for abortion - yes or no - as a principle?"). Note the position of Trump's wrist. It's extended close to its maximum. In a straight man, this body language sends signals of low confidence. Moreover, when coupled with an upper arm positioned very closely to one's torso, this nonverbal cluster transmits an even more beta and demure mindset.

Then from 2:18 - 2:20, once he makes up his mind ("... there has to be some form of punishment - Yeah. There has to be some form."), Trump first positions his hand in a vertically straight, ready-to-chop fashion, and then proceeds to quickly chop his hand in a very assertive (even hyper assertive), decisive, alpha manner. This is also a common nonverbal gesture of Trump's.

These two body language signals, used in close temporal proximity are a momentary window into the unsure mind of a person formulating his decision (with cognitive dissonance) - and then, upon deciding - has a rapid emotional transformation into the bravado of hyper-confidence.

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