Thursday, April 7, 2016

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3522: Felicity Jones in New Star Wars Trailer: "Rogue One" - Body Language Tells (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Felicity Jones is new lead actor in the next Star Wars film - Rogue One. It will be premier on 16 December 2016. Ms. Jones' character is Jyn Erso and the first trailer was released today.

The following images capture two different moments which are particularly good examples of acted fear.

Felicity's acted fear (0:28) is well displayed in this moment. Note her upper eyelids are opened mildly (her right side) and moderately wide (her left) with increased tension in both of her lower eyelids. There is also tension in her "mustache area" with a mild-to-moderate amount of nostril flaring. In addition, a slight down-turning and pulling back (laterally) of the corners of her mouth can be seen. 

During 0:42 a similar but not identical example of acted fear can be seen. Note Jones' upper eyelids are opened more symmetrically in this example. We see her eyebrows pulled slightly together (medially) by the action of the Corrugator supercilii muscle. Her nostrils are not as flared (vs. the earlier image) and Felicity's mouth is not quite as fearful in this example.

Dramatic and full blown emotional displays are more rare in real life - while subtlety is much more common. Learning to recognize these subtle expressions - and many others (in other people as well as in ourselves) in real-time is crucial to achieving a higher level nonverbal skill (and thus a more emotionally healthy life).

Well done Felicity.

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