Thursday, April 14, 2016

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3529: Vladimir Putin's Alpha Body Language - Correlations between the Hands and the Face (PHOTO)

Vladimir Putin is NOT known for being a beta personality. Certainly the same can be said for all heads of state. In this image, the Russian leader exemplifies several crucial nonverbal signals.

Note the configuration of his right hand. This forward directed, multiple digital pointing is termed, "The Claw". It's one of many hyper-alpha illustrators. When a person uses it, make no mistake - they believe they are the holding the power and their audience to be the subordinate(s). This is NOT an example of a nonverbal gesture one would use to build rapport - but rather to display power and also to not-so-subtly intimidate.

The Russian President's eyebrows are pulled together (medially) and downward to a mild-moderate degree. His lower eyelids are also displaying a similar amount of tension and his eyes are partially closed. This cluster of changes around his eyes are indicative of anger.

It's also important to point out the correlation between the level of tension in one's face - and the tension in the hands. These two regions often mirror each other. When the face is relaxed, the hands are nearly always relaxed too. And when the hands display negative emotions - we very typically see similar emotional tone reflected on the face. Thus we can use this phenomenon as one method of cross-checking our interpretations of others' nonverbal behavior.

What other body language displayed in this moment is significant?

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