Saturday, January 30, 2016

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3451: Angelique Kerber defeats Serena Williams in Australian Open - Body Language (PHOTOS)

Earlier today in her first appearance in a major final, Angelique Kerber upset Serena Williams in the Australian Open. Had Serena won, she would have tied Steffi Graf for total major wins in the Open Era. In these images Ms. Kerber is seen holding and kissing the Daphne Akhurst Memorial Cup of the Aussie Open.

When we kiss with our eyes closed, we want to drink in the full emotion of the moment - every drop. A full forty percent of the human brain is dedicated to vision. Moreover ninety percent all of our sensory input (all five of our senses) is visual. The remaining four senses have to "share" the other ten percent. So when we close our eyes during a kiss, the other four senses, along with other parts of the brain get a little bit more blood flow and a significant increase in electro-chemical activity. Thus when we close our eyes, we truly experience an increase in our sense of touch, taste, smell and hearing - as well as an increase in our cognitive ability - and our depth of emotion.

Here the trophy is an emotional surrogate/metaphor for her experience of winning this tournament. In personal relationships, sometime during a hug, a kiss or other affection displays - our eyes may not be closed one hundred percent of the time - but if we're sincere (and living fully in the moment) they should close (at least for a second or two) the vast majority of the time. If not - this is a red flag for significant affection drop-off (and reduced sincerity). This sign is one of thousands of nonverbal cues we can use to self-monitor our own thought-emotions as well as detecting the true intents of others.

The German tennis player is squeezing every drop out of her experience.  Congratulations on your first major win Angelique.

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